About Us

Batthcontracts is a recognised construction that strives to anticipate our client’s needs and the environmental requirements to produce effective and efficient results of the highest quality. The mission is to provide innovative, reliable and high quality services to our client.

We fulfil our mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify and respond to the client’s needs. We are driven at Batthcontracts to lead the industry by recognising that every detail of a project is a step on the stairs to excellence.

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Services We Offer

Why Us?

  • Excellent service Quality with Low Cost
  • Handle critical situation immediately
  • Having strong hold on compliance
  • Will provide innovative services
  • Disburse every Direct employees salary in prop[er time
  • Providing specialized & relevant advice & expertise to assist in countering threat from criminal activities, theft, pilferage proliferation of weapons etc.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining a team environment and working in a cooperative format with owners,
  • Smart & streamline process that meet security threat imperative to assist Govt. authority by deputing the trained personnel during Crisis & Disaster Management (as Reqd.).
  • Smart & streamline process that meet security threat imperative to assist Govt.
  • 24X7 Helpline Assistance for protection & safety

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How Can We Help You

Our focus is on providing clients with professionalism in attitude and service during delivery. Whether Residential or Commercial work, Surveying or Architecture, we strive to make a difference by giving the client regular updates and confidence through upfront knowledge of any process they are involved in.

Allow our professional team of Chartered Building Surveyors and Architectural Technicians to assist you with your property enquiry today.

For Any Enquiries

Call us On 0044 (0)20 3137 1022 Write us on mail info@batthcontracts.co.uk